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MathType for Math & Science Teachers

Posted on: July 29, 2008

If you look for a way to type all of those formula, symbols and Greek letters in Word, you are going to find a package called “Equation Editor.”  It is included in Word, but to use a polite term, it’s a bit wonky.  The real package with all the functionality you really want is called MathType.  It’s not terribly expensive, I bought a copy for home because I do almost all of my prep work at home.

Any copy of Word can run Equation Editor, you need to go to the help tab and search for how to turn it on.  There is a couple of steps you will need to do to install it, even though it is already loaded when you load Word.

Since I purchased MathType, they came out with academic pricing that is about half the retail price.  It is worthwhile at full price, the academic pricing is a real bargain.

Even better, they give you a 30-day free trial.  Download and use it, you will be impressed, I promise.  If you then go back to Equation Editor, you may want to hang yourself.  Leave it to Microsoft to make something simple and great into something buggy and irritating.


2 Responses to "MathType for Math & Science Teachers"

As a Mac freak, I have to point out that Pages also uses MathType. It is an invaluable resource for doing equations and chemical reactions. Every Chem/Physics teacher should have it and use it.

i want free down load math type

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