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Looking for Your Opinion

Posted on: November 20, 2008

My 12th grade Physical Science class has been restructured.  Basically, about half of my students had Physical Science in 9th grade at other schools and they all had Chemistry last year.  While it’s still Physical Science, we are spending a great deal of time on astronomy and the basic physics they need to understand the universe.  The kids are very excited about their astronomy course, as am I.  I am thinking about showing them the entire series of “From the Earth to the Moon.”  It’s long, real long.  There are 12, one-hour episodes.  I also plan on showing them Apollo 13.  I’m just not sure I want to show twelve days of shows, but I don’t think there are any episodes I would leave out.  Showing one, or even two a week will take too long, we’ll be done astronomy before I finish.  So I’m looking for the opinions of other teachers.  What do you think?  What would you do?


4 Responses to "Looking for Your Opinion"

I just found your blog…thanks for putting it up!

You probably already figured out an answer to the question you posed…but just in case. I would pick segments that are relevent to what you are discussing. You might even show 10 minutes a day and then spend the rest of the lecture talking and discussing from there. You could treat it like a warm up activity. Hopefully there is a chapter index so you wouldn’t have to spend time figuring out which segment is what. 12 hours is a lot of footage for students to watch. While kids like watching videos…they aren’t engaged like the would be during a discussion. Hope that helps or you figured out somehithing that works even better.

So far, I’ve done nothing about this. The astronomy project turned into a marathon. Maybe next year.

Scott, I really appreciate your blog. I teach ALL high school science at a small Christian school and was really overwhelmed when I started teaching here several years ago. We rotate our curriculum, so I teach Physics and Biology one year and then Chemistry and Physical Science the next etc. in addition to electives (Env Sci, Anatomy, health and computers) Your blog has given me some excellent ideas that got me jump started. I’ve used your Nerf lab during the projectile motion section of Physics this year for the second time. It’s really helped my students put their calculations to work. I require a formal lab report for this lab and have had some excellent results. I am going to try your party popper inquiry lab this week for the first time. I’ll let you know how it goes. I would appreciate it if you could share some reasonable procedures and results so I can check our solutions. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

I’m not going to post the solution here, teachers can email me if they want to discuss results.

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