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Should I Move the Blog??

Posted on: December 17, 2009

Loyal readers, I have a question for you.  Would you care if I moved my blog from WordPress to Blogspot?  Why, you ask, would I move?

Well, I get a pretty decent amount of traffic, more than a couple of people have suggested I put ads on my blog.  WordPress doesn’t allow it, Blogspot does.  We’re talking about Google Adsense, nothing radical or insulting.  I don’t know what it will pay, it might be $100 a month.  I don’t have any way of estimating the payout, but, as so many of you know, teaching doesn’t pay all that well.  (I still don’t make half of what I used to make in sales, but let’s not go there.)

I think I’m going to try parallel posts and see what happens.  What do you think?


7 Responses to "Should I Move the Blog??"

Are you kidding ? Your pagerank is 2 (you certainly won’t get $100 a month, maybe a few dimes), and this would piss off many of you readers. Don’t do that, seriously.

I don’t know if my opinion counts for anything, but if you really think you can be making $100 a month, I think it’s totally worth it! Of course, like the guy above me says, the $100 thing is key. Good luck making your decision!

I actually left blogspot for wordpress because you’re not able to do nearly as many things with your blog. It’s a lot more basic and doesn’t track visits for you, so you have to use a separate website for that. If you want to keep your blog the same way it is now, don’t switch.

I just put the URL in my google reader, the host doesn’t make any difference to me, the reader. It’s whatever makes it easier for you. I won’t see ads in google reader anyway.

I think I’m going to copy a few of my more visited posts over there and see what kind of traffic I get. My cousin has a food based blog that gets half the traffic I get and she’s making $30 or so a month.

I think Becky is right, the tools there aren’t very good. I’m not leaving here, but I believe I can add advertising if I host my WordPress blog on my own site. Still, it seems like work to me and I’m opposed to doing anything more than I absolutely need to do.

In the end, I predict I’ll be lazy and do nothing about it unless I get some really useful guidance from one of you.

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I may order lab books just because of your post…I think one of those sites will give you a kick back, or at least some kind of discount. I just came across this site after googling “Rube Goldberg,” I’m looking for hands on stuff for my Phys. Sci class for 8th grade. You have some great stuff in here, I wish I found it earlier!! I will certainly be pulling out some projects for next year’s classes. Personally, I don’t care where you host your blog, as long as it doesn’t get blocked by our school filtering (of course, I can still browse through from home!). This is awesome, thanks for putting in the time!!

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