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100 Incredible/Amazing Physics/Science/Teaching Videos

Posted on: March 4, 2010

My igoogle home page found the link the other day, to the 100 Incredible Lectures from the worlds top scientists.  I spent some time watching a couple videos, including one by Richard Dawkins.  There is some really good stuff here, worth a visit and a bookmark.  I even bookmarked the site and was able to find it again.

[I was asked to remove this link by the host site because it was messing up their Google rankings.  You can find it by googling “100 incredible lectures top scientists.”]

Then I get an email today out of the blue promoting this site.  I thought it was the same site until I went to post it here, then I realized they were different.

My guess is they are competing, if that is the right word for things that are free.  Regardless, two great sites that have done the work for us.  I’m not complaining, in fact, thanks to both of them.

These are YouTube videos, and YouTube is blocked at my school (so are some NASA sites, SciAm, and other controversial dens of ill repute).  To play YouTube videos, I need to go through an easy download process.  On Firefox, I use an add-on app called DownloadHelper.  As any new video appears, just click on the toolbar icon and it is downloaded to a folder on your machine.  The format is comes down in is Flash, it will have the extension .flv.  If you change the name when you download it, you need to add that extension to the name.  Then download something call “VLC Media Player” and install this on all of your computers.  It is a nice small, clean viewer.  When Win Media and others fail, VLC works.  It’s my player of choice.  Now you can watch that naughty science video at school.

6 Responses to "100 Incredible/Amazing Physics/Science/Teaching Videos"

I use to download “naughty science videos” to show at school. Video clips (0:30 to 1:30) of commercials, movies, and mythbusters are an integral part of my lecture time. They encourage the kids to critically think about the what the see in the “real world” and how it is supported or crushed by the all powerful laws of physics 🙂

Thanks for another great resource!

Yes, thanks so much! It’s legal to play any Youtube video like at school (if otherwise OK to do)? I always wondered how Youtube gets away with that, e.g. all those music videos. Gaga’s “Bad Romance” has around 120 million views, and there’s stuff from all periods – I wonder how YT and users get away with that. It’s great to have, just wondering.

Also, building on Marcie – I’d like to see more about critical thinking per se (yes, it’s a separate subject from “how the world works.”) Suggestions? tx!

Thank you for this post! Just this morning I asked a class of 9th graders if any of them knew who Stephen Hawking is, and was met with complete silence. Now I can show them!


[…] 100 Incredible /Amazing Physics/Science/Teaching Videos […]

[…] 100 Incredible /Amazing Physics/Science/Teaching Videos […]

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