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25 Female STEM Superheroes of Today

Posted on: June 19, 2012


I’m not one to reblog.  Once in a while I get an email asking me to post something.  I usually ignore the request or politely tell them, “No thanks.”

This is from one of those spamish emails I get.  I have searched the site and it links mostly to University of Phoenix.  Regardless, ignore the rest of the site if it bothers you, but the article is worth your time.  It’s called the “25 Female STEM Superheroes of Today”, here is the link: (”

I know if you asked me to list influential female scientists and engineers, I’d be very hard pressed to name five, let alone twenty-five.  It’s kind of a shame, but it’s nice to know someone is keeping score.


4 Responses to "25 Female STEM Superheroes of Today"

Please read this excellent post by Dan Meyer on the predatory nature of these types of websites (online university type websites) and reconsider this post.

Thanks for the link. I read Dan’s blog post and I did some searching around. I totally agree those types of posts Dan references are bogus, I get them too. My concern was that I was sending people to a site that would link them to a money stealing diploma mill. Please do me a favor and follow the link from my post, skim the article, and search the host website. I believe this is a legitimate source for students thinking about online education. Watch some of the short videos and read what is written. If you and others feel I am sending people to a spam site, I will remove the link promptly. The last thing I want to do is support crooks.

I went to the main site, and it looks like a place directing people to sign up for online universities to me (and probably making money off of getting people to sign up for online universities, right?). Maybe someone who knows more can comment, too, but it looks to me like the sort of thing that Dan wrote about.

As a female Physics teachers in an all female school, I appreciate you posting this Scott. I know I will use this list this year.

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