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My Standards-Based Grading Presentation

Posted on: August 26, 2012

A few weeks back, my principle asked me to talk to the faculty about my experience with Standards-Based Grading.  Our professional development begins this week and I will be presenting on Tuesday (8/28/12).  This is my first public talk on the topic, I hope to present a more refined version of this talk at a conference later this year.  The slides aren’t glamorous and it’s a lot wordier than I like, but it feel the PowerPoint needs to stand on its own without me talking over it.  I’ll embellish with anecdotes and energy.

There are some comments in the note section on some of the slides, so you probably want to download the slide show rather than just view it directly on Dropbox.  I’ve also included an annotated set of spreadsheets that I will be using during the presentation.  Hover over the commented cells to see my thoughts on the patterns that show individual student development.

I would really appreciate any feedback, negative in particular.  If you find slides are unclear, confusing, any typos, or if I’m you think I’m missing something, I need to hear from you.


4 Responses to "My Standards-Based Grading Presentation"

You presentation was short and focused on students. Nice work. You’ll continue to revise it as you think about it and get feedback (assessment!) from your audiences.

Here’s another short, focused presentation from a math teacher who is going to SBG….

Do the work and lead your school. Somebody has to do it!

Interesting presentation, very colorful and geared towards the students. My presentation is for other teachers to give them enough of the how to move forward. I spent a lot of time reading and thinking before jumping in and I changed about 75% of everything from when I started, so the how is really important to me.

I just finished a presentation on “Getting Started With Sound Grading Practices ” for 120 staff members at a high school in Canutillo, TX (four of us were representing Pearson Education PD). I put together a folder of papers — referred to in the presentation documentation (based on Ken O’Connor’s “15 Fixes”) — for their staff that I’d be happy to share with you. You may have already encountered some or all of them, but let me know what you think.

Email me at hughodonnell44 at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the zip file. BTW, this is not a solicitation for consulting business! I’m just excited to see smart and reasonable teachers stand up and suggest to their peers that they wake up. When I started out on this trail in 1999, I was the only teacher in our district of 20,000+ students to get with this program. It took until 2010 to vote in a board policy in my school district that separates academic achievement from related behaviors.

PS: If you want a story of boots on the ground, get a copy of Tony Donen’s book, Grades Don’t Matter. It’s on Amazon. It’s an account of how he and his staff got started with good classroom assessment and SBG. Lots of excitement, frustration, anguish, and triumph.

Tony blazed an SBG trail, and is now heading up a magnet school in Chatanooga, TN that is what I call a 22nd Century School. All the classes are flipped and they provide the hardware and software (like Edmodo and Evernote) to all the kids for support. They are totally oriented to “assessment for learning” (classroom student-involved assessment from Stiggins) and standards-based grading and reporting. Standards-based education from stem to stern with tech back-up.

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