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Sharing the SBG Wealth

Posted on: May 22, 2013

MasterYoda-UnlearnI have a steady stream of teachers asking if I would be willing to share my SBG files and spreadsheets.  My answer is always a qualified ‘yes.’

I have over 300 Physics quizzes, 200 AP Calculus quizzes, and various spreadsheets and other files.  If I dumped all of those files on you without a detailed explanation, you would probably be overwhelmed and get nowhere.  So what I ask is that anyone requesting my hard work do a few simple things:

  1. Go back and read over all of my SBG posts from the beginning.  I spent hours on research and reading before being convinced SBG would work for me.  I documented the how and why pretty thoroughly here.
  2. Ask me questions, as many as you want.  I promise to answer promptly and thoroughly.  Only with some discussion will SBG really start to make sense.  You can’t buy in part way.  As Yoda might say, “SBG – do or do not.”  Sort-of doing SBG doesn’t work.
  3. Don’t make changes to the system without discussing it with me.  After research and discussions with other teachers, I was able to avoid a lot of mistakes.  I have tried many tweaks and made a number of  incremental improvements each year.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  4. As you implement this and come up with your own tweaks, add to the dialog here.  I want to learn from your successes and failures.
  5. Once I provide you with my files, do not publish any of the questions.  They came from textbooks, I do not own the rights to most of the questions, so I can’t give you permission to publish them.

That’s really it.  I’ve done all the work for two courses, now it looks like I’m picking up Algebra 2 Honors next year.  Time to start work on a third course.


5 Responses to "Sharing the SBG Wealth"

nice physic blog… thank you for all articles..

i am fascinated by the concept, learned about it at an AP institute last year. Unfortunately due to changes in the progression plan i only had AP last year so didn’t do anything about it.

This year i have one class which is 10 honors students (all pre-calc honors) and 9 average, (most in math for college readiness) so a big disparity. i have taught both levels but never together. I love this idea for this reason, and think that one way to justify the higher grade point for honors would be to only use C with honors students. What do you think about this idea. I would LOVE anything you have. I don’t teach calculus yet, just Alg 2 honors.

SBG provides benefits to mixed classes, one of which is differentiated instruction. If two different groups are in the same class, their progress through the questions will take care of grades. This also allows an “average” student to excel and an “honors” student to fail. Their grade is completely on them.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers

I am doing SBG this year for physics. I have read all your stuff and would love to see what you are using for quizzes. I love the spreadsheet idea as well. I am curious as to how much of your class time is used taking quizzes on average per week.

Thanks so much for sharing all your resources. It is a huge help to me.

Hi Clara, Below is the dropbox link with all of my quizzes and sanitized versions of my spreadsheets.

You are welcome to use any of the material, but you may not publish anything, most of the material comes from textbooks.

To answer your question, quizzes are once a week. Quizzes usually take about 75% of the class time on quiz day. You would think that weekly quizzes would get in the way of teaching, but I find we move through the material a little faster because the onus is on the students to come for help if they fall behind.

Ask questions, I’m happy to help.


On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 1:33 PM, Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers

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